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The Lapidarium, Jewish cemetery

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

The Lapidarium is located in the Jewish Cemetery the Schönhauser Allee. The cemetery which was left in a derelict condition due to Nazi property crimes and the ensuing desecration of World War II had so many gravestones uprooted and displaced. The Jewish community decided on the establishment of a lapidary with the financial support of the German Lottery. The Lapidarium is positioned next to the main entrance to the Cemetery, above the ruins of the former prayer room and the morgue. The new building is designed to be a part of the cemetery wall. Only the glass-covered notch on the former entrance between the cemetery and the morgue building provides a glimpse into the exhibition hall. The cemetery is visible from the single-story building through a glass facade: the building is part of the cemetery and the cemetery is part of the building.

Work scope

basic evaluation   I   preliminary planning   I   design planning   I   approval planning   I   implementation planning   I   preparation of award of contract   I   participation in award of contract   I   site supervision



I   1000m²

I   2005-2006

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