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Synagogue Rykestraße

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg  

The synagogue in the Rykestraße, located in the north-eastern part of Berlin, was designed by architect Johann Hoeninger as a Liberal Synagogue and was inaugurated in September 1904. As with many other synagogues in Berlin, also this one was built in a backyard with a front-facing, multi-story building. Prior to the renovation and after years of neglect, the synagogue was in a poor condition. The panels, doors, furniture, large parts of the ceiling and all the fixtures were painted dark brown, which gave the synagogue a gloomy ambience. The lighting concept was created for the entire building with each room receiving special attention while the governing principle was generating indirect light. The ornaments and interiors have been carefully reconstructed on the basis of old pictures and original building plans found in the archives.

Work scope

basic evaluation   I   preliminary planning   I   design planning   I   approval planning   I   implementation planning   I   preparation of award of contract   I   participation in award of contract   I   site supervision



I   4000m²

I   1997-2005

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